Weekly list

This 2021 grow season we have mineral mixes, veggie starts, and several fertilizers available

The mixes are by the pound as follows
All mixes are $2 /lb and while supplies last

  • SuperGrow mix
  • Acid mix
  • Potato mix
  • Strawberry mix
  • Rose mix
  • Fruit Tree mix

Veggie starts are 50¢ a plug

Green Onions – Parade – 3-4 plants per plug
Green Onions – Red Baron – 3-4 plants per plug
Shallots – Matador – 3-4 plants per plug
Shallots – Conservor – 3-4 plants per plug
*NEW Onions – Cortland (Yellow Storage) 3-4 plants per plug
*NEW Onions – Red Carpet (Red Storage, stores well into February maybe even March) 3-4 plants per plug
Cauliflower (White, Purple, Orange and Romanesco)
Kohlrabi Purple – Azur Star
Kohlrabi White – Delicacy White (more in 1-2 weeks)
Kale – Lacinato
Kale – Red Russian
Kale – Curly Roja
Romaine Lettuce – Newham (mini romaine) (only a few left, more in 1-2 weeks)
Romaine Lettuce – Pomegranate Crunch (red romaine) (only a few left, more in 1-2 weeks)
Broccoli – Belstar
Cabbage Green – Copenhagen
Cabbage Savoy – Famosa
Cabbage Red – Integro
Collard Greens (only a few left, more in 1-2 weeks)
Swiss Chard – Peppermint (Pink stripped, doesn’t taste like peppermint)
*NEW Swiss Chard – Rhubarb Supreme (Bolt resistant red variety)
Lettuce – Green leaf
Lettuce – Red Oakleaf
Lettuce – Green Butter
Lettuce – Red Butter

Other minerals and fertilizers by the bag

$25.55 — Azomite (trace minerals like rock dust) (44lb bag)
$9.60 — Micronized Lime (50lb bag)
$14.21 — Nutri-rich 4-3-2 (granular 40lb bag)
$7.32 — Stutzmans Chicken manure (25lb bag)
$27.39 — Alfalfa meal (40lb bag)

Prices subject to change based upon availability so please ask