So I started putting this together around the end of May (2015) and there is still much to do to get this site to the finish point (though I suspect that I’ll always be adding things).
This new look is a new revision to WordPress just started working on here in January 2017. Enjoy the new look.

Our Farm:

The short story is Mari and I have always had a passion for growing, and more particularly growing our own food.
We both strongly believe in clean growing and honesty. The result is product and people of integrity.
I was raised with agriculture (small scale) and really loved to get up each morning to see how much things had grown.
I’ll let Mari put up her words on how it all started for her, though we have chatted a good deal about it over the years.
– Tim (the husband)

We are currently not open to the public to sell directly from the farm but we do have several outlets.

Farm details:

  • Location: Yelm Washington USA
  • Phone: (360)894-1292
  • Email: marithefarmer (at) gmail (dot) com
  • Alt. Email: info (at) marisfarm (dot) com